The hotepi-Concept

The hotepi-pillow a sleeping concept for your Health

There are no end of «health pillows» in the health products market. Countless forms made of the most diverse materials already exist – the only thing which was missing however was the right health concept!

What makes the hotepi design different is the required nocturnal stability. This is a world innovation which provides the treatment with massive support and thereby prevents the user from slipping into the disorder!

It is a special pillow which guarantees the required anatomical position of the neck or the cervical column respectively and thereby supports the connection between the skull (cranium) – where the sleep/wake rhythm is situated – and the cervical vertebral column beneath it. According to the existing patent office researches, it is unique – i.e. no products which are equal or similar to it with such a concept exist. It is a medical product for which a patent has   been applied for with the Swiss patent offices, in addition to it being registered with the Swiss International Control Agency for Medical Remedies (IKS).

The choice for your health from clipbox on Vimeo.

The four parts of the hotepi pillow:

  • air chamber
  • cotton padding
  • cotton cover
  • mini pump for inflating the pillow

the pump valve cap also serves to deflate the pillow

Simply push it together and inflate it with the air pump.

A person who suffers from tormenting neck stiffness in the morning or snoring at night really knows how to appreciate a healthy sleep. There are numerous other reasons for choosing the hotepi pillow – convince yourself. It ensures a good quality of life in the morning and that not only at home, as hotepi is also designed for use as an inflatable travel pillow.

The hotepi pillow can be folded together so that it is compact and also ideal when travelling.

The hotepi® mattress

  • PU foam in a quilted sheep wool case
  • available in each size

The Pillow (from the patent application text)

It is a pillow for sleeping in a side position with a pillow filling which is enveloped in a pillow sleeve which on the one hand serves to support the head and on the other, serves to provide the head with at least restricted soft bedding. The pillow filling comprises a minimum of two filling layers which are fixed in their position to each other, characterised by the fact that the pillow filling comprises a minimum of one supporting layer of an even thickness which, when used in accordance with the intended purpose is unyielding, and a padding layer which is positioned on top of this which serves to be the head, whereby the thickness of the unyielding supporting layer is adapted to the shoulder-width of a user so that sleeping is only possible in a side position, thereby ensuring a sideways non-curvature and unchanged orientation of the cervical vertebral column with a constant support height.

This is a special pillow which only permits the user to adopt the only correct sleeping position. As has already been mentioned, this position is the side position.

The following features have to be taken into account as the pillow is not to deform or yield:

  • Easy to operate/use
  • Comfortable and handy
  • As a travel pillow for on the road
  • Light and robust
It has been possible to realise this in a single product

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