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The osteopath Ehab Hussein is a Swiss citizen who originally comes from Egypt. He has been living on the Swiss side of Lake Constance for many years.
He has been delving deeper into the field of osteopathy which he specialises in for many years. He has a practice in Kreuzlingen, Thurgau. In this medical discipline, the health problems are functionally and integrally analysed, interpreted and treated.

Ehab Hussein hereby repeatedly noticed that the majority of sleep disorders are the result of purely functional disorders – the cause being in the body itself -. Only a person with knowledge of the various bodily functions and their connections with the vertebral column is able to assess and treat these disorders. Sleep disorders, autonomic disorders and diverse vertebral column disorders are either triggered or worsened during the night.  The following morning, both body and spirit are in a state of exhaustion.

Sleep also has its rules.

You spend a third of your life asleep so that you can function during the remaining two-thirds.Man verbringt ein Drittel seines Lebens im Schlaf um die restlichen zwei Drittel funktionieren zu können.

Important business trips are at times a torment due to a lack of sleep. Success mainly depends on whether a person is relaxed. The inventor of this concept realised that lying down and sleeping are not the same thing. When lying down, one is either partially or completely awake so that a control over the position of the body is ensured. The central nervous system is always on alert.

This control and alertness should not exist during sleep. Stable support is obviously needed throughout the night. This nocturnal support must be based on the anatomical rules of the body and vertebral column. Understanding the role which this nocturnal support plays lies in the hands of a specialist, his comprehensive knowledge and his ability to translate it to a fact.

The implementation of this specialised knowledge took many years. - The “hotepi“ pillow is the result of years of work.

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